Five Questions For Your Security Provider

Five Questions You've Probably Asked Your Security Provider... that we have answers for!

1.) “I have called the office and can never get a hold of anyone!``

We focus on developing relationships with each one of our clients. At Citadel Security USA, you can feel confident that you will receive the attention you and your company deserve. Our security consultants and leaders will regularly be onsite communicating and training with officers, ensuring that the quality of service that your company receives is high level.

2.) “My security officer is always a different person; how can I feel confident that my site will be safe and secure?”

As the premier security provider, we conduct a realistic assessment of each client’s facilities to ensure security protocols are being met, and that our clients are correctly matched with our most qualified officers. Our assessments and ongoing evaluations foster the feeling of safety and comfort.

3.) “My guard is always on their phone; do they even care about being here?”

Citadel Security creates career growth and opportunity through in-class training to promote the fact that excellent training equals excellent employees.  Our officers are guided, promoted, and mentored to succeed, which is felt across your team and within our organization.

4.) “My service bill is wrong again; do they even look at invoices before sending them out?”

We understand the importance of aligning your business goals and values with ours. As a client of Citadel Security USA, you will be a part of our customer care and appreciation initiative. We will work together in all matters to ensure that you are satisfied every step of the way.

5.) “I don't feel like I am getting the quality of service that has been promised?”

As a client of Citadel Security USA, you will receive not only the best value for your money, but you will also be apart of our ever-growing organization. We work for you, and strive for satisfied clients!

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