Josh Hale

Director of Healthcare / Courthouse Operations

Josh has been a key member of Citadel Security for the past 11 years and has served in multiple positions to include the Director of Courthouse Security and Field Training Officer. With over 15 years of security experience, Josh has served in some of the highest positions in our industry. Josh spent 3 years as an associate director of security to the ambassador to the United States. This position required the working knowledge of government operations and compliance with the State Department. While serving in this position Josh held a top-secret security clearance and has worked hand in hand with some of the top agencies around the world. Josh served as the Director of Healthcare Security for one of the most recognized hospitals in Western Colorado. As the director of healthcare security Josh is required to develop and enforce all security policies for the facility. In addition to policy enforcement, Josh plays a critical role in serving on multiple committees and working with the administration in order to stay compliant. Josh is actively involved serving on committees to include Environmental of Care, Emergency Management, Behavior Health, HERT, and Safety. During his time at VVH, Josh has trained over 200 staff members in de-escalation and personal safety. Josh’s commitment to safety has earned him several accolades to include a nomination for “Spirit of Caring” and “Excellence in Nursing” (friends of nursing).